What’s on My Nightstand ; vol. 4

What's Currently on my Nighstand || Are you looking for a new book recommendation? I've got you covered! In my latest nightstand series, I'm sharing the 3 books that I'm either currently reading, or have queued up for later! Check it out. :)

  It’s been a hot minute since we last talked about what books are currently taking up space on my nightstand! I’ve always loved to read books in their true paper form (I have yet to convert to a kindle– does anyone here use them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!), but lately, I’ve […]

10 Gifts to Get Your Newly Engaged Friend

Gifts to Get Your Newly Engaged Friend

dastwet sdjd Wedding season is coming. *disclaimer- I totally wrote that while thinking it in the Game of Thrones voice But in all realness.. wedding season IS upon us… and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m 25 years old, so my Facebook timeline right now is filled of engagement announcements with the occasional wedding + […]

Feel Good Friday; vol. 22

Friday Link Love

From the post, The Very Best Way to Order the Starbucks Pink + Purple Drink  I know I probably say this a lot, but Friday, it is so good to see you! My plans for a low-key month have actually been succeeding! After trips to Cancun with friends, a beach week with family, spontaneous weekend […]

50 Vegetarian 21 Day Fix Recipes

Vegetarian 21 Day Fix Recipes

When I first started the 21 Day Fix, I was not a vegetarian (looking at you, cheesy shrimp pasta!) But, things have changed, tides have turned, documentaries have been watched, and here I am, 8 months later still going strong on this #veggielife. I’m a pretty big fan of the 21 Day Fix. For those […]

7 Blogs I Read Every Day

7 Blogs I Read Every Day

From the post, My Top 10 Songs to Listing to While Relaxing As a blogger, one of my favorite things to do is read other blogs. [shocker, right? 😉 ] With my morning coffee, at lunch, and before bed, I tend to find myself heading over to various blogs to see what a few of […]

Skinny Citrus Peach Cooler

Skinny Citrus Peach Cooler

Oh summertime, won’t you please just stay forever? I love everything about the summer. Going to the ocean, the sun being so hot you feel it tanning your skin, Pimms cocktails, rooftop bars, weekend getaways to other cities, meeting your friends at the pool, sun-kissed cheeks so that you no longer need blush, going on […]

Homemade Spicy Guacamole

Homemade Spicy Guacamole

Confession hour: I have a huge- giant – massive – obsession with all things avocado. And by that, 90% revolves around guacamole [the other 10% I leave to this avocado goat cheese toast.] Since getting involved with BeachBody and the 21 Day Fix, it was brought to my attention that, while avocados are a healthy […]

Feel Good Friday; vol. 21

7 Blogs I Read Every Day

From the post, My Top 10 Songs to Listen to While Relaxing TGIF! Can you believe it’s the last weekend of July? I know I can’t. I don’t know what it is, but lately time + subsequently life, is seeming to fly by. It might be because this summer has been so go-go-go for me. […]